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Welcome to Fizzly Dizzly, a Maryland-based, veteran owned and operated business, where we combine comfortable clothing with mindful living. Explore our range of comfort clothing options and Find Your Zen.

Our Story

Our journey began in November 2023 after an emotionally trying year - losing several family members and family friends. Depression, anxiety, and ADHD had taken over my life. My name is Louis Resto, and I am the founder of Fizzly Dizzly. This brand was created as a testament to overcoming my struggles with anxiety and depression, and as a declaration that ADHD does not define who I am. Fizzly Dizzly stands as proof of my journey towards self-mastery, and that it is possible to overcome these demons. I hope that Fizzly Dizzly and my story serve as a beacon for those battling with mental health struggles. Fizzly Dizzly isn't just about comfortable fashion; it is a family for those of us on a journey towards mindfulness and self-mastery.  

Our Mission

We offer a message of solidarity to anyone facing similar challenges in life—you are not alone; you are valued. Join us in spreading love and hope. Your support fuels my dream of establishing a non-profit dedicated to empowering those affected by ADHD, helping them reclaim their lives with dignity and strength.

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Email: info@fizzlydizzly.com


Fizzly Dizzly

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